Jan de Leijer and his wife Marie Fick started a warm bakery and rusk factory at the Baroniestraat 32 in Boxtel. The breads were sold in the store at the Baroniestraat. The rusk was sold to groceries in the area.

Car_lady_Rusk Auto_Bakkerij_Jan_de_Leijer_1932

On the picture one of their daughters and a delivery car. Right one from 1932, left one unknown.


The bakery was continued by one if his sons, Noud de Leijer and his wife Mia. They only continued the warm bakery. Again goods were produced and sold at the Baroniestraat. Also with home delivery of fresh baked goods, which was very popular at those days. Unfortunately Noud de Leijer passed away in his forties.


Jan de Leijer (grandson of the founder) continued the bakery from his father from a young age. Starting out in the Baroniestraat, he and his wife Hanny moved the production location to the St. Severusstraat in Boxtel in 1980. At the new location they started with the production of pastry. Bakkerij Jan de Leijer now had two store locations with fresh pastry and warm bread. Half in the nineties home delivery was not profitable anymore due to smaller families so they continued with the two stores only. In the beginning of this century they closed the store at the Baroniestraat.  


Noud de Leijer (great-grandson of the founder) started with the production of cake decorations. Again at the Baroniestraat 32. The first product was ChocoWriters (formerly called Garneertubes) in larger tubes for bakeries, launched in March 2006. In 2007 the bakery part was sold outside the family to a former employee. De Leijer only continued the cake decorations for bakeries. 


DeLeyer Food switched to the consumer market and started to develop more products. To make the name international better understandable it was changed to DeLeyer Food. DeLeyer Food has a focus on (semi) liquid cake decorations and produces them under its own brand or as private labels. The production facilities include heating (melting), mixing and dosing of food materials. In 2013 we moved our production location to give us more space to produce and develop products.


Because of the growth of the past ten yeard DeLeyer Food started to outgrow the old facility and in June 2022 DeLeyer Food moved to a new 1.300 square meters production facility in Boxtel. With a team of 13 players, a range of approximately 300 items are produced at this new facility. 


Old permit for the bakery from 1962.



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